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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Danger of Smoking

Originally published in my TIG Blog...

Smoking is addictive and doesn't do any good to the body. It is a total danger or threat not only to the person who smokes but also to the environment. My grandfather was so addicted to it and wanting more cigarettes all the time--he was a chain smoker and died because of it. Such addiction causes us a lot misery and pain, it is the cause of abuse both physically and psychologically. He would always get upset if he wasn't able to smoke which led to chaos and so much abuse. What he want was just to smoke and nothing else, more supply of cigarettes means no chaos... but it is just temporary. But, what we're worrying about when the supply was used up and there was nothing left even a penny to buy it. Oh Lord, its another chaotic day and abuse...

Cigarette addiction is a total threat to family life. Cigarettes.... one of the most addictive and destructive drug ever known to man. Health experts have said, "smoking, like any addiction, especially addictions that involve chemicals, is a sickness."

Let us do something about this, don't let your family ever suffer from any harm because of it. Let's stop the cycle of death, a death of our own individuality and personhood. Remember, smoking doesn't do good.

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