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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evidenced Based Library and Information Practice

I am very fortunate today for having attended a seminar on "Evidenced Based Library and Information Practice" held at Oslo University College. The theme revolves on the new concept in the practice of the LIS profession, that is, evidence based (EB) practice. EB aimed at improving library practice by utilizing the best available knowledge in conjunction with a pragmatic perspective developed from working experiences in librarianship.

As quoted by the speaker, Booth (2002) has identified the following defining characteristics of evidence based librarianship: 1) a context of day to day decision making; 2) an emphasis on improving the quality of the professional practice; 3) a pragmatic focus on the ‘best available evidence; 4) incorporation of the user perspective; 5) acceptance of a broad range of quantitative and qualitative designs; 6) access, either first hand or second hand to the (process of) evidence based practice and its products. I find evidence based practice as practical application of research result in the workplace or in our day-to-day experience.

Just a short sharing!
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The resource speaker of the seminar was the Senior Lecturer Helen Partridge of the School of Information Systems of Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

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