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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Filipiniana Collections at Deichmanske Bibliotek

On our visit to Deichmanske Bibliotek, the first thing we check if they have a collections about the Philippines. Its great.... they have a good collections of Filipiniana materials.

BTW, the library serves the county of Oslo and is Norway´s largest public library. Their services are available for everyone - individuals, institutions, students in the public school system and at the university level, the business community, and public administration.

The library has approximately 300 employees spread over sixteen branches/departments in the city. In addition, there are several specialized departments, such as The Multilingual Library, which serves the entire country with its collection in approximately thirty-five languages, a music department, and a department for children and youth. The collection includes both fiction, non-fiction, and other media, in addition to a wide selection of children's literature.

Patrons can also choose from a large selection of books in Nordic and other European languages, especially English and German. The majority of departments also offer graphic novels, videos, DVD's and audio books for circulation.

Location: Oslo, Norway

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