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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Librarian : A Poem

[by Marcial R. Batiancila / Published in Panorama Magazine : a TakingITGlobal Online Publication on March 31, 2007]

A love of books conquers his life; He makes a journey from fantasy worlds Through humanity across generations; Witnesses the development of civilizations, cultures and traditions. In the midst of an information explosion; He is able to handle conflicting situations; Has knowledge on generalities- Goes beyond philosophy, history and geography. Better known as an information specialist; A friend for the lover of wisdom; Criticized, ridiculed by many- But a primary catalyst in the building of new dreams. Resourceful and eager to assist customers in need; With creativity and initiative in solving customers queries; He seems to be nothing- But a model to humanity. According to him, he can’t live without books. For books is his source of power and might; He answers the same old question everyday; With familiarity, he answers it confidently. A research-oriented mind, he has; Bursting for knowledge and wisdom; Treasures the wisdom of before- And takes delight in the work of present day generations. Information is power, he said; He keeps himself aware of current trends; From manual work to computer automation. New innovation is what he loves most. He acquired the right books- For the right reader at the right time; Catalogs and classifies according to Dewey’s device; This made him think, I am an information analyst. Not merely an information keeper; But a gateway to the world of knowledge; Dispensing tools for empowerment; And making this world so wonderful.

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