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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

STRLC HIT : A Leadership Grounded on Honesty, Integrity and Trust

[An Inaugural Speech delivered during the 5th Oath Taking Ceremonies on 20 January 2009 / AVR 2 St. Monica Bldg., SSC-R de Cavite]

Prof. Corazon M. Nera, Rev. Fr. Emilio P. Juruda, Jr., OAR, Ms. Lilia F. Echiverri, Dr. Nora Claraval, guests, fellow officers and members of the PLAI-STRLC… Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

It is such a professional honor to be able to serve as president of Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. – Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council for another term. Amidst the issues and controversies of the existence of the Council, I still count it as blessings and opportunities for change and embracing a new concept of leadership—a leadership that is grounded on Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

The Council, since its foundation in 2004 has made a mark of leadership in regional librarianship. Thus, our goal is to continue this work by building a network within its sphere while at the same time expanding its relationships with other Regional Councils and professional associations in the country and beyond as well strengthening its image as an organization. Thus, our theme is "PLAI-STRLC: Strengthening Ties, Regional Linkages and Cooperation". Evidently, the Council is working hard on the establishments of the provincial chapters throughout the Region and dreamt of building a strong network of library professionals and working for the development of the regional librarianship. The Council will also be working on providing opportunities and mechanism for provincial collaborations. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us officers of the Regional Council to work on bringing out the best in the Region.

More so, this would be a wonderful opportunity to renew the Council’s allegiance to the mother Association, the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. as one of its strong allies and commit to the promotion of libraries and Philippine librarianship. And, now as we embark in this new journey, we must begin with positivism towards the attainment of our goal and join hands to work for the common good of all libraries and of our profession. Despite of diversity and adverse challenges, we must continue the journey that we have just begun…

Long Live Philippine Librarians Associations, Inc.!