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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Survey on Digital Library Initiatives in the Philippine

As an offshoot to my research proposal submitted during the Fall Semester at Oslo University College (Norway) entitled "Legal and Ethical Considerations in Digitizing Cultural Heritage Resources : A Case Study Analysis of the Three Digital Libraries in the Philippines." In the course of the writing of the said proposal I have found out that very little data are available as to the number of archives, museums and libraries that embark on digitization projects in the country.

Thus, the idea of conducting a survey on Digital Library Initiatives in the Philippines came about. The data gathered will serve as the baseline data for in-depth research on the subject and for future publication of a directory of digital libraries in the Philippines.

Kindly answer the survey questionnaire, you can fill it out online:

Your contribution in this endeavor is highly appreciated.

Note : This survey is adapted from Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR, 2003) instrument designed by Prof. Diane M. Zorich and was purposely modified to fit with the country conditions.

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